A 2005 Ford Focus How-To
One of the least expensive modifications you can add to the 2005 Ford Focus is the Door lock LED mod. This modification lights up the door lock LED that ford didn’t wire on the lower end models. When I purchased the ZX3 SE the LED were installed in the door lock switches but they weren’t powered. This mod assumes your model has powered windows and door locks.
A quick search of the how-to pages on the focus forums lead me to the conclusion that this could be done on later models like my 2005, just like on earlier ones.
Start by removing the screw cover behind the door latch handles, then remove the Torx screw as shown on the left.

Next step is to remove the switch panel to access the door lock and window switches.
Grab the center of the switch panel and pull up and out to pop the upper front clip loose so you can get your fingers behind the panel.

Pull from the front near the window control switches to pop the lower front clip loose.
There are three clips total that hold the door lock and window switch panel onto the door panel, One in the rear and two in the front.

The rear of the panel near the door lock switches contains the last of the clips to be popped loose. You can also use a plastic putty knife do do this as well.

All auto connectors have some sort of latching mechanisms to keep vibrations from separating them while you drive.
You can use a small screw driver to push in on the connector latch and carefully pry the connector apart.
Disconnect the window switch connector as well.
Now that you have the the connectors disconnected from the panel your ready to wire up your new LED light in the door lock switch.

First You’ll need a pair of wires, preferably of different colors so you can tell which is the positive one. This is important to the LED as it is a diode and they only like to be wired one way. Power them the wrong way and they won’t light up.
 LEDs, only draw about 20 millie amps so the wires don’t need to be real big.
Solder the positive wire (red in this photo) on to the pin shown in the photo on the left, pin #5. The one in the upper corner of the connector on the side with 3 pins.
Solder the return wire (black in this photo) onto the pin shown in the photo on the left, pin #4. The one in the lower corner of the connector on the side with 4 pins.

Use a small amount of solder to attach the wires. You don’t want to prevent the connector from fitting back together because you used a hugh glob of solder to attach the wires.

TIP: When soldering use a little bit of flux to help the solder flow. Pre-tinning the wires will help the solder to flow quickly. Get a little solder on the tip of your iron, a heat bridge, and be quick so you don’t melt the connector. 

Route your wires through the connector in the corresponding holes and slide it down the wires.

Reconnect the two haves of the connector.
Be careful during this process, make sure you didn’t use so much solder or too large of wire to prevent the two halves of the connector from mating properly.

Your door lock switch connector should look like this from the back when your finished.

You can twist the wires together so they are easer to route through the door panel.
This is not necessary but it will help to prevent you from crushing the wires when you reassemble the panels.

Get your self a couple of clamp on wire splices and attach the positive wire to the solid green wire on the window switch connector and the return wire to the solid black wire.

And there you have it. Reconnect the window switch connector and snap the switch panel back onto the door panel. Screw the Torx fastener back in and snap the little screw cover back on and your done.
Fire up you Focus and enjoy your fancy new Door Lock LED.
Now repeat this on the passenger side.

Just for fun I have included this photo to show the LED and it’s current limiting resistor that is installed in the door lock switch. This is how I figured out which pins were used to power the LED. A little reverse engineering. Door Lock LED Door Lock LED Mod